Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hana to Honeymoon

By book, a honeymoon symbolizes a time in which newlywed couples take a break from their everyday busy lives and share private and intimate moments together.

After our magical Maui wedding, Chris and I took a short plane trip to the island of Kauai. Here, we enjoyed a whole uninterrupted week of relaxation, adventure and the creation of our beautiful bond together, as Mr. & Mrs. Wallace. Kauai is absolutely breathtaking. It's small, romantic, tropical and has many gorgeous places to explore. Chris and I had both never visited the island before and it turned out to be the BEST place for us to spend our first days together, as husband and wife. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Poipu and their amazing staff made us feel like royalty the entire time. Not only did we enjoy a helicopter ride (which felt more like a disneyland ride) of the entire island, we hiked, chased waves, explored several famous sights featured in movies, surfed, relaxed, and of course had our fair share of champagne and Mai Tai's! Our good friends from Tahoe were vacationing on the island as well, so we caught up with them for a couple days in Princeville and celebrated even more!Although Maui will always have my heart, I am so happy with our Kauai Honeymoon and the memories we created on the island. Chris loved it so much, he would like us to retire there!

If you are looking for the perfect honeymoon package, look no further than COSTCO. I seriously can't recommend it enough. Costco had the best, semi-all inclusive packages for a very affordable price. Our package included 7 nights at the at the Grand Hyatt (an ocean view room), our flights, a rental vehicle, daily (YUMMY) brunch, and tons of champagne/fun activities for us to do. The Hyatt was an absolute treat, we could have never left the property our entire stay, and it still would have been an incredible trip. Also, when honeymooning, be sure to tell every single person that you are on your honeymoon... that alone will get you lots of free stuff/upgrades!

I honestly wish I could rewind and do our wedding and honeymoon over again and I would do it exactly the same way! Since that is not an option, I will just have to play the memories over and over in my head. I can't wait to visit the islands again. 

Happy Honeymooning!

Always. Shine. Bright.


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