Sunday, January 15, 2017

Baby on the Way!

After finding out that Chris and I were expecting, I immediately downloaded several pregnancy applications on my phone. I was going to be a mom and besides babysitting, I had not one clue how this new job actually worked. I also started following several pregnant people/cool mom's on Instagram to get some further insight.

We kept our pregnancy a secret for 8 whole weeks before telling our family, which was SO hard for me.  During those 8 weeks, I wasn't feeling well at all, but we were all the way in Oklahoma, so no one had any reason to believe I was acting different. I would make up reasons of why I didn't answer my phone when people called me. I would say I was minimally functioning the first few months and besides eating, showering and playing taxi driver to my husband... i'm pretty sure I slept for three months straight.

We already had plans of heading back home to Tahoe for the 4th of July and although most people wait until month three to spill the beans, Chris and I had just received a positive 8-week ultrasound, so we both felt confident and excited to share the news. We were finally going to be parents!! I say finally because Chris has always wanted kids, he absolutely adores them. As for me, I have always dreamed of being a mom... in my eyes, it's the best job anyone could ever have. When people used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I used to say, "I want to be a mom, just like mine." So finally, god granted our wish and we couldn't wait to share our excitement with loved ones.

To announce our pregnancy, Chris and I wrapped up cute little onesie's for each of our parents/siblings and told them we bought them back a little Oklahoma souvenir. I will never forget their priceless reactions as each one unwrapped their gift. We witnesses a lot of happy tears, excited screaming, lots of questions, and many, many hugs. I will definitely chalk it up to one of life's greatest moments.

We both could not wait to find out the sex of our baby. I honestly don't know how some people can wait until birth to find out. The anticipation was killing me! On week 10, we took the non-invasive prenatal DNA gender test that also checks for birth defects. It was a simple blood test and in one LONG week, we were given the results. I highly suggest this test to anyone that is impatient, like me. I mean, I needed to start planning...was I going to be buying pink-sparkly tutu's or camo/blue baby- man items??

My doctor placed the results of the test in a sealed envelope for Chris and I to pick up. On the morning we drove to the doctor's office, I was filled with so many different emotions. I was about to find out if I was going to have a daughter or a son! At the time, I for sure thought we were having a girl and I think I convinced Chris of it too. After hours, upon hours of researching my symptoms online, everything pointed towards a girl. We picked up the envelope and went down to Lake Hefner to open it. As we got out of the car to sit near the water's edge, there was a solid blue, bud-light bottle sitting directly in front of us. At the time, I thought nothing of it, but Chris immediately said "that blue bottle is a sign." Shortly after, we sat down and ripped open the envelope. It read, "It's a BOY!!" Chris and I both started crying with joy. We couldn't believe it. We would've been happy with either sex, but it had always been our vision to have a boy first, and then a girl. Our wish came true and Chris was on cloud 9.

We had already had a girl named picked out, but nothing for a boy. In my opinion, naming someone you've never seen or met is extremely difficult and once you've picked and agreed on one, how do you know it will suit his personality? It took us months to 100% decide on a name. We wanted something meaningful and strong. Landon Wilder Wallace will be his name and I just can't wait to see his little face. We chose Landon because Chris is an Air Traffic Controller. He is in charge of "Land-ing" airplanes and his Grandfather's name is "Don"... put it together and you get Landon! As for Wilder, I love how it's Wilder Wallace, I think it flows so nicely... and if you've ever had the chance to meet a Wallace from our family before, you know he will be a wild and crazy kid! So, both Landon and Wilder seemed like the most perfect fit!

After getting through the first-trimester, the rest has felt like a breeze. Sure, there are definitely days were I feel nauseous and sleep all day, but they are far and few between the days I feel great. Honestly, besides a growing belly and my clothes not being able to fit, I actually sometimes forget that i'm pregnant! The worst symptoms i've had are rib pain, heartburn, back pain and sciatica. These symptoms all came on at different weeks and were nothing I couldn't handle. I have been extremely holistic throughout this entire process, I am not taking any medication besides my prenatal vitamins and the occasional tums for heartburn.  I will say, the absolute BEST feeling in the world is feeling him kick, wiggle, and hiccup inside of me. I wish I could freeze some of the moments because I know I'll miss them after his delivery.

At 32 weeks, my baby was breech. The doctor told me that if he didn't flip before week 36, we would have to schedule a c-section. I am going into this birth with a very positive and open mindset. If I have to have a c-section, I am completely okay with it, but I would at least like to try to have him vaginally, if at all possible. During week 34, baby Landon decided to flip! The feeling of him rotating around was was so special and it felt amazing.

Pregnancy is by far the most unbelievable 10 month process, it's absolutely beautiful what our bodies are capable of.

I am now at week 37 and on pins and needles, patiently waiting baby Landon's arrival. His due date is February 10th and I cannot wait to begin the journey of motherhood.

Always. Shine. Bright.

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