Saturday, August 17, 2013


While scrolling Instagram as I oh so often do, I ran into the post above and I couldn't help, but giggle. It is so true! At least for me it is. I immediately took a screen shot of it and sent it to my bf Kasey. She replied, "hahahah oh my gosh, this is perfect! Totally reminds me of me & you... it's hilar." (hilar=short for hilarious) Prior to finding this post, Kasey and I were both just text ranting each other about 'what we want' and 'how we really have no idea...'. I've decided that text rants are great to do with a friend because then you both reassure each other that, well, even though you both might feel completely lost in life, you really aren't and you should just continue having fun. We did agreed that everybody probably feels a little lost at times because life is freaking confusing, so we should all just take it one day at a time (yes, Kasey and I really get deep in our texting).  No one has the key to life, or knows which road to take, so as long as you're happy... that's all that matters.

"Happiness is a state of mind"... think it and it will happen!


Always. Shine. Bright.

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