Wednesday, August 28, 2013


For the last three years, my boyfriend Chris and his family have gone to New Melones for a little family vaca during the summer months. As summer seems to always fly by, this trip seems to always take place late-August, right before Chris' brothers head back to school; however, this summer, we actually made it to the lake twice! For those of you that aren't familiar with New Melones, it's a pretty big, WARM lake about 2.5 hours from Lake Tahoe. The lake has several house boats on it, but we always stay in a near by Hotel... it's definitely my kind of camping (haha!). The Wallace's have been going to New Melones for years... i'm lucky enough to tag along with them :). Anyways, this year, we went once at the beginning of August and once last weekend (the last weekend before school started). It was so much fun. Both times we brought the Malibu and old-school stand-up jet skis, which were so hard! These trips involve family, friends, lots of booze, and every water activity you can imagine. Both weekends were absolutely perfect, besides getting terminated for a full day on the lake by the New Melones Lake Police, due to not having enough life-jackets as people on the boat. However, after taking our day away and not writing us multiple tickets, he told us he was in a good mood and if we could go buy life jackets, we could continue our day. So, we went and bought life jackets. While we were launching the Malibu the day before, we noticed that one of the house boats had a blob attached to it and we all talked about it that day. Nearing the end of our second day on the lake, we headed to the house boat, just to do a drive by (float by). It ended up being a Christian Camp group and they yelled to us, "hey, want to do the blob!" Of course Kade, Tre, and Troy, Chris' youngest brothers and best family friend jump in the water and start swimming towards the boat! After they all got launched off the blob, the house boat starts chanting my name... i'm internally thinking: "OMG." I had to do it. I wanted to do it, but to tell you the truth, i'm a terrible swimmer. I mean horrible, but I was also a little excited at the same time, just worried.  So, trying not to think to much about it,  I doggie-paddled to the house boat, army-crawled across the blob, and BOOM. I don't know how I did it, but I actually pulled it off rather well... I did a backflip and it happened to be one of the most fun experiences of my life! If you ever get the chance to do a blog, take it up... I promise you won't regret it!


Always. Shine. Bright.

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