Monday, September 2, 2013


If you're addicted to the extremely popular Bachelor/Bachlorette reality television show on ABC, then you will definitely remember Tierra LiCausi, from Sean Lowe's season 17. Tierra was the crazy one that didn't get along with any of the girls and I believe she needed medical assistance...twice? After Sean told her that it was probably best for her to go home and she had a major meltdown, she kept on yelling "my parents think I sparkle" and "they told me never to let anyone take my sparkle away." I'm a HUGE fan of sparkles and shining bright. I'm not going to lie, I thought Tierra was a nut job, but she was hilarious to watch. Not to mention, her parents were right, you should never let anyone dull your sparkle. Hell, Rihanna couldn't have sung it better in her song Diamonds, continuously repeating, "Shine bright like a diamond." We all have our own personalities, our own look, our own figures...freaking OWN IT. You're only given one life on this amazing earth, so you might as well sparkle and shine as bright as you can. Unleash your beautiful personality and rock it. While you're off sparkling, remembering that it's nice to be nice (my dad's motto). You might bump into people in life who don't agree with you, don't look like you, or might shine extremely brighter than you. A smile, compliment, or simply closing your mouth can go a long way...


Always. Shine. Bright.

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