Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Dreu & I . Tahoe Today. Halloween Edition 2012. 


For the last year, I have taken a detour from the path I saw myself always living. I am extremely passionate about television, I mean, who isn't? It's either purely entertaining or informative (for the most part), and I love every single part about it. Since I was little girl, I knew I was going to be associated with television, in some way. I was going to make it happen, and I did. When I was thirteen years old, my Nana took me to Hollywood. Because like I said above, I loved the entertainment business and I wanted to see if it indeed looked the same as it did on the television. Weeks prior, I kept telling my dad that I was going to get on television during our weekend trip. He kept telling me not to get my hopes up and it soon became a joke at my house. I had so much fun that weekend. Nana and I stayed in this beautiful Hotel that was connected to the Dolby Theatre (Kodak Theatre) on Hollywood Boulevard. We went on a tour of the theatre which hosts the Academy Awards, we saw the Ryan Screst show, we went to an Avril Lavigne concert, AND I got interviewed for television by E! about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! Can you believe it!? My dream came true and who could they have picked better than myself to be interviewed about my TWO biggest twin idols? Well, maybe someone more in-tune or not thirteen with the twins current drug problem! haha! I'm pretty sure I was speechless, but I didn't care, daddy got to see my face on TV. Since then, I have gone to college for television, and recieved a bachelor's degree in Broadcasting Electronic Communication Arts. My Senior Year, I was picked to Producer and Direct a documentary that I had previously written a script for. It was a historical documentary, based on the Sutro Baths in San Francisco. They were sentimental to me because Nana's Parents were both deaf, and her father used to swim in them while attending school in San Francisco. I unfortunately never got the opportunity to meet either of them; however, I thought it would be fascinating to learn about a place my great-grand father used to spend time at...and I thought others might enjoy it too. After spending almost every waking moment of my senior year on this documentary, and with help from so many wonderful people, Sutro Baths: A Forgotten Landmark, won 1st place in the documentary category of BECA Fest and 3rd place at the 2011 California State University Media Arts Festival, competing with all the CSU's. After college, I moved back home because my boyfriend was living here and I got an internship at Lake Tahoe Television that I thought would be a great opportunity for me. LTTV ended up giving me a job after only about a month, so I took it and worked there for almost a year and a half. Even though it wasn't a good company to work for, I learned an immeasurable amount of knowledge and I learned a lot about myself. Although I'm not currently in the industry right now, I have been trying to stay active (as much as I can) and I only hope to one day be reunited either in-front or behind of the camera because they both make me extremely happy. I guess i'll just have to see where life takes me... until then.


Always. Shine. Bright.

Filming the LTTV under-construction commercial 

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  1. Hi Ashley,

    I'm a student at UC Berkeley and am currently working on a history report on the Sutro Baths. I've seen your documentary which is amazing and I was wondering if you'd agree to answer a few questions for me. I'm particularly interested in the end of the Baths and the mystery surrounding the fire. In your documentary you show the police report, do you still have a copy of this report? And if not, do you happen to know how I could access it?
    I would really appreciate it if you could contact me back.

    Many thanks!


    PS: I love your blog and your philosophy too
    Shine bright :)