Friday, October 24, 2014

Like I LIKE my chocolate, but I LOVE my six-pack... or is it the opposite?

I'm an envious Instagrammer. I follow hundreds of fitness gurus on Instagram, with hopes of one day looking into the mirror and being as perfectly chiseled and tan as they are. I workout daily, teach Zumba, take Crossfit, run half-marathons and for the average person, I eat extremely healthy. However, that's just it, to the eye, I'm average. I think a good, solid chunk of our population falls into this category due to the fact that we workout to enjoy the little things in life, like indulging in that mouthwatering piece of pumpkin pie; however, we ALL would LOVE to see the benefits from working out so damn hard. We want the best of both worlds! Yes, I could change from being average, we all could...strong self-discipline and a ton of hard work... BOOM! However, for these amazing, not so average, fitness competitors, it's their life. While I go out and enjoy a nice (deserving) glass of wine, after a hard days work, fitness competitors, no matter the day, head for round two at the gym and fill up on their protein shakes. Both are wonderful lifestyles, both unique and envious in their own ways. Nonetheless, while I'm lying in bed early morning with a slight headache due to another round of wine, I'm scrolling Instagram slightly jealous that all the fitness people I follow have already gotten in their morning workout. So, it goes down to the question of what do you want in life. Do you want to enjoy your chocolate or do you want to love your six-pack?


Always. Shine. Bright. 

"Like I like my Sketchers, but I love my Prada Backpack" -quote from movie: 10 Things I Hate About You

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