Wednesday, September 25, 2013


My dear friend Serena Maris wrote this for me while we attended college together. She was one of my best friends during college and we made some wonderful memories together. During my third year,  she, and three other lovely ladies and I lived in a huge three story  house along Ocean Beach. Serena and I shared the master bedroom. We had dance parties, workout parties, makeup parties, attempted cleanses, and explored SF... all while trying to avoid doing our homework. 

by Serena Maris

The white goddess. That’s what they called her at least. Pure, angelic, white blonde hair, that glistened with but a touch of illumination. Her eyes were like perfectly cut stones of turquoise, the prescion of each sculpted angle flickering with every glance. She was immaculate in beauty, Untouchable. An abundance of admirers envied her daily.
She was an ultimate being. She was honest and gentle, every person she encounter she loved and cherished like a newborn doe. Her kindess exceeded anyone. She would go out of her way to do selfless acts for anyone in need.
The White goddess. That’s not what I called her. To me she was so much more than that. A silly title. She was real, down to earth, great personality. I was comfortable with her, I could share any detail of my life and knowing she was listening, I felt safe. She was comforting. She always new just what to say when I was upset. She was the type of person to call you during the day, just to see how it was going, just to see if you were doing ok.
She was an ultimate being. Never did she do wrong, never did she hurt or become dishonest to others. She always put herself second. I watched her put herself second too many times. It was a regular routine that any average person she held out a hand for was bound to walk all over her. It happened all the time, and she would time and time again, simply dust herself off and keep on going. She amazed me everyday with her will power and strength. She taught me things , she taught me to be hopeful. She taught me how to be a good friend. She taught me how to be there for her, when everyone else has walked away. Today’s one of those days. But I am happy to say, I’m still here, listening close and wiping the tears.


Always. Shine. Bright.

Serena & I at a Sorority gathering 
Alpha Gamma Delta's 

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