Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Camping survival guide: Best friends, alcohol, tent, food & water.

My girlfriends and I decided it was long overdue for a reunion. So, we booked a campsite at Big Sur and counted down the days until we would all reunite. Growing up in Tahoe, most of my friends have experience in the camping area, I for one am the exception. My family isn't much of a camping family... camping to us is going out on the lake all day and then staying at a hotel. I mean, I'm certainly not afraid to get dirty, I just prefer that there's a shower near by! So, I was a bit hesitant at first, but warmed up to the (cheap) idea, knowing that all my besties we're going to be there. It was a long drive down to Big Sur from Tahoe, especially with my knees to my chin because we had the car packed to the max with camping gear. We had to make many stops along the way, I mean, who ever has to pee at the same time? And clearly we had camping gear flying off the roof of the car...obviously rubber bands weren't the smartest tie-down option while going 65+ on a freeway, that was an adventure! But soon enough we were at the San Jose Airport picking up Britty and soon after cracking open bottle(s) of wine while sitting in traffic.
When we finally got to the Big Sur campground, it was dark and all the alcohol Allison was in charge of picking up at Costco, had somehow got down the throats of these young, weird, boys she had sparked conversation with while waiting for us. The nice part was they assisted Kasey in setting up our tent. The downfall was they wouldn't leave our campsite after many, many, subtle hints. After playing a few board games, we decided to hit the hay early that night, I mean the drive made us all sleepy and we had no alcohol... haha.
I survived my first night sleeping in a tent, in the wilderness, hours away from home! I think it was because I got to snuggle with my besties all night, who wouldn't survive that? After going for what seemed to be a 3 mile walk to get my morning latte, we decided to hit the trail and go on a hike. We were really close to the ocean, so we were hoping that if we hiked up in elevation, we would be able to see an amazing view of the sea...but clearly, that didn't go in our favor. We picked the waterfall trail, because what's more serene than seeing water falling over a mountain?
The hike was pretty easy, probably only a couple miles; however, what we saw at the top was not a waterfall, it was more comparable to someone forgetting to turn the faucet off all the way... a trickle. When you are born and raised in Tahoe, you see some bomb.com waterfalls, flowing like it's nobody's business; however, I can't complain, it was beautiful, and I got to sweat! Us Tahoe girls are just blessed.  The rest of the day, we lounged around our campsite, catching up in each others busy lives. It was so much fun chatting like we used to do in High School, just like the good ol' days.
The next day, we packed up camp, and headed north to Carmel. That city is one ritzy place! We all got coffee and enjoyed our last few hours together on the beach. What a fulfilling girls weekend. It is such a special feeling knowing that a group of best friends from childhood can remain close throughout the years, no matter the distance. I can't wait for our trip next year!

Always. Shine. Bright.


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